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  • The Minis

    Ideal for event favors, product samples, in-room amentities, and more.

  • 8-17 oz. Bottles

    A varied selection of swingtop glass and other 8-17 oz bottles

  • Swingtop Liters

    Re-usable lliter (33 oz) sized bottles are great for your beverage service

  • Swingtop Beer Growlers

    A selection of 1-2 Liter sized growlers in blue, green, clear, and brown

  • Storage Canning Jars

    Perfect for canning foods or for everyday airtight storage

  • Milk Bottles

    Bottle your milk the way it used to be and re-use the glass for other beverages

About us 

Welcome to the GoGreen GoGlass Collection of imported and domestic glass containers. We custom screenprint, etch, label and decal your branding on glass bottles. Some bottles can be fill them with spring water!  Whether you want it printed, filled, or just the glass, we'll do it your way. While we are based in New York, some of our products are also available in the United Kingdom and Belgium to save on shipping. Just contact us for a free quote.

nyc GoGreen GoGlassTM is a trademark of Morgan Walker International, New York, New York.